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Why hemp?

Hemp is a tried and tested building material that had been used throughout the world for centuries. It is a mixture of lime and hemp and is used as an insulating filling for masonry walls. The lime and hemp combination forms a structure that is:

  • Fire-resistant
  • Rodent-proof
  • Termite/white ant proof (termites are a huge problem in Western Australia).

Currently hemp is not used as a structural material on its own, however, when used in combination with steel frames, it creates a structure that is not only strong but can be cyclone rated.  Hemp can also be used in conjunction with wooden frames as well as a variety of other structural options.  The recommended R rating for a house in Australia has been raised over the past few years with traditional buildings no longer compliant. 

R-value is a measure of resistance to heat flow. The Australian standard for R-value is RT2.8. Hemp is rated at RT3.8. R-values are not the only thing that contribute to the comfort of your home. Hemp also 'breathes' which helps to regulate the moisture and humidity in your home. Hemp provides highly effective insulation values resulting in reduced costs and/or cancel costs of heating and cooling.

Hemp is an environmentally sustainable product. Hemp Building WA's aim is to create happy and healthy homes for people who care about their families and friends as much as we care about ours.

Hemp Building WA is very excited to be the first company in WA to be using this amazing material. We see hemp as the answer to a lot of issues facing the building industry today and know that with all the benefits it holds you will too.