Building for the future

The building industry is one of the largest consumers of energy and users of unsustainable environmentally hazardous materials.  The threat of climate change makes finding a solution to these issues more important now than ever before.  Here at Hemp Building WA we are working hard to take the measures needed to ensure that we are reducing our carbon footprint and ecological impact on the earth.  Our aim is to build a future that is a healthy and sustainable for our children and loved ones. 

Using hemp as a building material not only reduces our contribution to the greenhouse effect, but also allows us to produces structures that are strong, breathable, fire resistant and pest resistant. 


Most importantly, hemp is a renewable resource. Growing hemp does not require any use of fertilisers, carcinogenic weed killers or pesticides.  Hemp only takes 4 months to reach maturity at which time it is harvested and decorticated and ready to be used for building.  The entire plant can be used as a sustainable resource for manufacturing goods such as clothing, food, pet bedding, building materials, hemp plastic and fuel. 


Since its first documented use in the 8000B.C, we have found ever more uses for this incredible material. Today this ancient material can be used to create beautiful, modern homes. Hemp Building WA seeks to work with individuals committed to producing healthy and sustainable designs. Contact us today to discuss we can implement the use of hemp into your next project. 


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