Hemp Building WA works closely with Beck Rodgers and her team at Building Ideology to ensure we can provide our clients with the safest homes for their families and loved ones. 

Beck is a Certified Building Biologist and Healthy Home Consultant at Building Ideology.

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What is building biology?

Building Biology is a scientific field of work which identifies the health hazards in our built environment – such as indoor air quality issues like chemicals in household products and building materials, particulates, allergens (house dust, moulds, dust mite and pollens) and electro pollution –  establishes the causes, and provides you with solutions.

Building Biology originated in Germany in the early 1960’s.  At that time, long before we had recognised any building related illness here in Australia,  concerns were being raised about the inability of the mass produced, poorly constructed, post-world war II housing to support health due to a growing segment of their population becoming chronically unwell.  The founders of the profession created 25 governing principles to assist with the decision-making process and creation of alternative design and construction practices to reverse this trend.

Beck Rodgers is a Certified Building Biologist and Healthy Home Consultant at Building Ideology.  Beck is passionate about creating healthy spaces to support health and wellbeing. One of the most obvious problems that concerns Beck is how in recent years the health of our children had declined so dramatically.   With the increasing incidences of childhood conditions such as Autism, Asthma, Allergies, and ADHD, Beck agrees that the increasing burden placed on our bodies by the pollution in our living environments may be a cause. One of Beck's main missions is to help create safe and healthy homes and spaces for children, as well as educating people of the importance of healthy environments in order to help restore the balance of health in our homes.

Prior to becoming an environmental consultant Beck worked in the real estate industry, in both a residential and commercial capacity. This experience provided her with an eye for detail for undertaking inspections and assessments and an understanding of the legal obligations affecting tenants and property owners. More importantly it has given her an understanding of how much our homes and properties mean to us and how important it is for them to be a positive influence in our lives.